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love for the church

Vapor Ministries believes the local church is the heart of God's plan for His people. We love the church and it is central to our approach. We partner with ARC churches seeking to make a global difference and mobilize them to holistically impact great spiritual and physical needs in some of the most impoverished places on earth. We serve impoverished communities hand-in-hand with local churches in these areas.

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“As Senior Pastor of Church of the Highlands, I'm blessed to count the McElveen Family, as well as others from the Vapor Ministries team, among my church family. Church of the Highlands is helping to impact the world, in part, through our partnership with this ministry.”

Pastor Chris Hodges

Founder & Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands

Birmingham, AL

About Micah McElveen

Founder & CEO, VaporMinistries

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A surfing accident left Micah McElveen dead in the water, literally. He shouldn’t be here, but God gave him a second chance at life. This radically impacted Micah’s dreams for the future and gave him vision for a world-impacting ministry.

In 2005, Micah founded Vapor Ministries. Today, Vapor Ministries operates ministry centers in multiple countries, serving hundreds of thousands on a weekly basis and employing hundreds of indigenous people. Each year, Vapor Ministries is serving tens of millions of cups of clean water, serving hundreds of thousands of meals through centers, and providing health services to thousands of people in desperate need. 


Church partners enable Vapor to make global impact a reality. It is Micah’s dream that God will use the local church in partnership with Vapor to touch millions of people around the world. 

“At the end of the day we have one life to live, and it’s like a Vapor. We each have to answer the question, will we waste it, or invest it?" - Micah McElveen

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fueling the church

Vapor partners with ARC churches seeking to reinforce the call to be a church on mission. We come alongside and support your local church in making a global impact.

A monthly e-newsletter that helps donors feel the stories of the lives your church is touching. 

Group mission trip opportunities where your faith family can touch, taste, and smell your global impact. We handle the logistics.

From our Vapor 12 monthly partnerships to specific projects in Africa and Haiti, Vapor can work with your church to find the best way to participate in ministry efforts.

Custom impact reports we co-brand with your church demonstrating the scope of the difference your church is making.

Monthly prayer points, an annual Facebook Live prayer initiative, and coming soon daily "watchmen on the wall" prayer opportunities are offered to praying churches. 


covered by the church

Every Vapor team member is required to be under the covering of a local church. Every center is closely aligned with and is co-laboring alongside the local churches. Local pastors and churches utilize the social, spiritual, and economic services we provide to extend their outreach and serve their faith families. We see every facet of our organization as an extension of the local church rather than a competitive para-church ministry.

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mobilizing your church

We would love to help you make the difference you want to make in the places you can't yet reach.

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