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Opening Closed Doors

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Pleeease, let us in.” The desperate plea from my mother.

She must have not paid the rent again. Maybe I should join in…

Debra repeatedly hit the door with her fist. Exhausted, she soon collapsed to her knees, engulfed in the rancid mud. Nestling her back against their tin shanty, she hugged her shaking knees and quietly sobbed shoulder to shoulder with her mother and sister.

Not again…

Debra’s redemption story from the mire of Kawangware slum (Kenya) where cold nights, empty bellies and hopeless hearts are now a distant memory.

“I came to play; to forget about the pain. It was on the field that my life was changed,” her monotone voice trailed as she stared off at nothing. “Our single mom raised my sister and I the best she could, but we regularly lacked basic needs.”

Hunger pangs echoed within the innermost recesses of her tummy as jubilant sounds of children laughing caused her neck to crank to the left.

Those kids look so happy. When will I be happy??

“Hey you!”

“Me?” Debra questioned.

“Ya. Come play with us.”

She ran toward the velvet green soccer field; an oasis surrounded by slum. The invitation overwhelmed her, but soon she, too, was laughing and playing – forgetting about life off the field.

Soon, the Vapor Ministries became a frequent escape for Debra as her needs were met and her faith grew. The Holy Spirit opened her heart to the Gospel as the staff and coaches came alongside her (and her family) to disciple and challenge growth.

After Debra’s acceptance and graduation from Hasmin’s Friends Program, she was sponsored by Vapor Ministries to complete her college education.

As soon as she crossed the graduation stage, she looked up – knowing Who really deserved the credit.

Thank you, Father! You have extracted me from the muddy mire and formed me into who I am by the power of Your mighty hand.

As I wrapped up my interview with Debra, she was careful to remind me her journey hasn’t been easy. “I’ve been tempted to give up, but I reflect on how God was faithful when we were homeless and malnourished.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Debra? What is it?”

“I got the job! I’m a Customer Specialist, Mom! Our needs will be met tenfold. God has done this through the unending grace, mercy, favor and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Debra joyfully exclaims.

“To God be the glory. Amen!”

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