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ESCAPING POVERTY: Education & Life Scholarships

For nearly two decades, Vapor Ministries team members have immersed themselves in the lives of families in the communities we serve across Africa and Haiti. While the specifics surrounding the circumstances that lead to extreme poverty vary, a common denominator inhibits most of these individuals from escaping the clutches of hardship - education.

Schooling in these regions isn’t free, regardless of child age. When guardians face the decision of either covering academic fees or securing food and rent, the choice is clear. Necessity always trumps benefit. As society and culture progresses, work opportunities become unattainable for multiple generations that suffer from a literacy and skills drought.

Vapor’s Hasmin’s Friends Program ensures that quality education including tuition, books, supplies, and uniforms are available to children in need while also providing supplemental food, medical care, and life-on-life discipleship. Children and youth facing particularly challenging circumstances are identified by team members at Vapor centers during discipleship league, and our Education Coordinators visit their homes and schools to assess needs. Once enrolled in the program, each child is paired with a state-side sponsor whose generosity radically impacts their lives.

Here are just a few stories of the impact our sponsors are making.

Hundreds of children are currently benefiting from the program, with more candidates becoming eligible for the scholarship as Vapor Ministries opens additional centers around the world.

To find out more information about becoming a Hasmin’s Friends Sponsor today, please click HERE.


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