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Unspeakable Joy

As he walked out of the room, he thought, “I can’t watch my son die.” Daniel could barely sit up, could not eat, and could barely sip water. A normal boy in so many ways, Daniel had ambitions and youthful dreams. He loved to play football and run with his friends. Now he was left alone to die.

A couple of weeks earlier, Daniel fell hard, breaking a bone in his left leg. The break required medical attention, but none was sought. The wound was left to fester and soon evolved into a life-threatening emergency. Daniel had little hope and fewer options. As he was wasting away, members of the Vapor Ministries team in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, were alerted to his desperate condition. Our team immediately went out to inquire about the situation and found Daniel on the cusp of death.

The team urgently transported him to a knowledgeable local doctor who has been a partner of Vapor Ministries for many years. The doctor recognized the boy’s situation as dire and immediately began treatments, but Daniel desperately needed blood. COVID-19 travel restrictions and blood shortages made the situation appear impossible, but God made a way.

Because of you, we were able to purchase the needed blood that would strengthen Daniel for surgery.

During the operation, the doctor discovered that Daniel had cancer in his injured leg. Unfortunately, the only way to save Daniel’s life meant a full amputation. Throughout his recovery, Daniel spent hours upon hours with our team in Haiti, and he recently made the most important decision he will ever make. Daniel placed his faith and trust in the Lord who has brought unspeakable joy out of unspeakable pain. We rejoice with heaven over the salvation of this young boy! Vapor Ministries, fueled by your generosity and prayers, will continue to find and serve the unseen who are trapped in a level of poverty that cannot be adequately described.

We praise God for all of the lives impacted in 2020 because of YOU, our Vapor12 family. God bless you!


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