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The Spirit of Giving ♥️

“God has blessed us to help others.” - Priscilla

The morning began like most. Priscilla rose early to ensure her daughter was ready for school before leaving home with her young son in search of day labor opportunities. She could occasionally find work selling vegetables or providing laundry and cleaning services in her small Kenyan community, but like many days, she returned empty-handed.


As Priscilla shifted her attention to a few chores around her modest home, she heard a muffled commotion coming from down the street. Curious, she stepped outside to find an organized group of people wearing red shirts making their way along the path.


As the ensemble drew closer, she discovered that many of them were walking in pairs and sharing the weight of large bags. A few moments later, they approached her doorway where their cadence slowed to a stop.


“They were taking food into the community, and I was a recipient,” she recalled. “This was the first time I heard about Vapor Ministries. They had more than food, however. They also had papers that were teaching about the Word of God.”


Priscilla insists that while she and her family were incredibly grateful for the supplies they so desperately needed, she was particularly moved by the evangelism she witnessed. Though already a believer, she said she was given something far more important than food that day; she received what she calls “the spirit of giving.”


“I asked the woman about what they were doing because I became very interested in this generosity and sharing the word of God,” she said excitedly. “I asked if I could also get involved with them, and she told me to come and volunteer.”

Priscilla teaching a Bible lesson to her U8 team

That was four years ago, and because YOU helped bring a blessing to Priscilla, she has been dedicating herself to mentoring children in Vapor’s discipleship league and passionately serving her community ever since. She works alongside the other 670 Vapor team members, providing food, water, health services, education, and Biblical teaching to hundreds of thousands weekly.

“We are like a family,” she confided with a smile when talking about her fellow Vapor team members. “When it is time to take food or water into the community, we come together as a group, and we go to share the word of God. So many people in the community are very needy, and they are so appreciative. God has blessed us to help others.”
Priscilla full of joy serving her community

I am able to give, and not just as part of the Vapor family, but on my own,” she added. “Now, even alone, I do evangelism. I can find people and share the word of God with them, and help them. I can listen to their problems and pray with them. That was not in me before, but it came to me after Vapor came to my door.”

Priscilla is just one of hundreds of thousands of lives forever changed through your generosity. One life now serving hundreds more because you chose to make a difference. Thank you.


If you aren’t currently a Vapor partner, there’s no better time to get involved. Your tax-deductible monthly partnership or special year-end gift will help meet needs, feed souls, and elevate God in impoverished communities across Africa and Haiti.


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