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Louder Than Thunder

Her body was scarred, proudly marked, and devoted. Aisosa* had long been a devout follower of both the god of thunder and the god of the snake. She held a place of prominence in her community, with many in line to serve her or seek her help. Her identity was tightly woven into her religion, and she felt she had the favor of the gods she followed. However, one day, fear and darkness roared into her world via a mysterious illness. Aisosa and one of her daughters became chronically sick. They strived desperately to please their gods, so sure their worship and prayers for healing would be answered. Futile attempts of rituals, sacrifice, and payments left them alone, with nothing, and hopeless. Aisosa felt cursed.

His grace rolled in louder than the thunder of the gods she worshipped. His power crushed the head of the serpent she served. God’s presence appeared humbly and unexpectedly to her. Dressed in Vapor Ministries t-shirts, a group of men and women appeared bearing much-needed necessities. Aisosa sat holding her sick child, too worn down to smile or greet them. Like a calm wind, the group came to her side. She spoke of her sickness and her great loss of physical possessions and social status.

The Great Physician moved with another kind of storm that day. The Vapor Ministries team shared the good news of their God, the God who overcomes darkness with light, requiring no ritual or payment. The God who exchanges fear with peace and brings healing not just to the body but also to the soul. They laid hands on Aisosa and prayed over her and her daughter. Aisosa was so moved by the God who paid the ultimate price for her redemption that she placed her faith and trust in Christ that day.

The following day, both Aisosa and her daughter showed no signs of sickness. They had been physically & spiritually healed. When her family saw that the sickness had left, they too believed and put their trust in Christ. Praise God!


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