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Hidden but not Forgotten

Down a dusty dirt path, amongst countless other mud & thatch homes, tin shanties, and heaps of burning garbage....hidden away in the midst of intense need and physical pain is where Nadia* lives with her children.

Physically, Nadia’s body hasn’t had a fighting chance to recover from a stroke that has left her partially paralyzed. Without funds to receive therapy and rehabilitation, she has been forced to fight through recovery the best she can...on her own.

As if the physical pain wasn’t enough, Nadia’s husband passed away. The emotional loss of her husband was by far the most painful. How would she, now disabled & widowed, provide for her children?

As if things couldn’t seem any more challenging, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic had made its way to Haiti. Jobs were already scarce, but now they seemed nonexistent. Walking to access water for her family was already extremely difficult, now it was nearly impossible. Travel restrictions were keeping her and her children even more isolated and unable to search for food, clean water, and mere basic necessities.

Nadia had reached the edge of despair, overwhelmed with sorrow and fear. That’s when she saw a team of yellow shirts walking towards her home. Nadia stepped outside her small home to see what the commotion could possibly be about. It was a group of men and women coming to see her. They introduced themselves as Vapor Ministries Staff and asked if they could help her. They brought bags of food, gallons of cooking oil, clean water, and soap for her family. They asked if they could spend some time with her and share some basic Coronavirus prevention training.

After Nadia received the goods and training, the team then spent time with her and listened to her story. They then went on to encourage her to not lose hope, sharing with her the gospel of Christ. They assured her that she was not alone and that we serve a God who loves and cares for her, and that is why they were there. Nadia couldn’t stop thanking the team that came to see her and quickly expressed how encouraged she was. She prayed with the team, expressing there was no way she could deny that God came to her rescue by sending this Vapor Ministries team to her doorstep.

Our team looks forward to continuing to find ways to serve Nadia and her children during this time. Nadia is just one story out of many that could be told. In the midst of suffering, God is moving. The Lord hears the cry of the oppressed and the needy. He has not forgotten the least or the lost. He is using YOU, as you faithfully pray and give to meet needs & feed souls. He is using YOU to help answer the cry of those in need physically & spiritually.


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