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Game Changer

“This league allows people to learn about Christ.”

Like most boys, 13-year-old Yohana loves the game of soccer. But like most boys, he

was kicking a ball made of plastic trash along the cracked-earth streets weaving through

the Gichagi slum.

Then sweet news hit his ears. A TV station was interviewing world-class sprinters who

train at a Vapor Center. 

“They were talking about the [soccer] leagues offered at the same place,” he said. The thought of playing on beautiful grass with a real ball sent joy down his spine. Yohana was determined to join. That was three years ago. Today, his life and soul are forever changed.

While he's mimicked soccer greats since he could walk, he received his first formal skills

training during practices at the Vapor Center. Yohana is now a standout defender on his

team, surrounded by friends and classmates.

Like thousands of other children, he's reaping the physical rewards of league play. But

his story reveals greater value gained. There he gets water, basic nutrition, mentorship,

community, and so much more. He's been changed by the Center’s core purpose – to

multiply disciples. Bible lessons and life-on-life discipleship from his Vapor Coach led Yohana to give his life to Christ. He was baptized in January. We join heaven in

rejoicing over this transformed soul and pray for him as he boldly shares his new faith.

Vapor’s disciple-making leagues ensure that every participant hears the good news of

Jesus at every practice and every game. They come to play the sport they love and

hear about the One who loves them.

“I was encouraged that God can do anything,” Yohana said softly. “So, I knew that I could follow him. I enjoy reading my Bible and praying. I feel amazing.”

Imagine reshaping eternity for $10. Our discipleship leagues are FREE for every

child, youth, and adult in the community, and the Kingdom of Heaven is expanding

thanks to the generosity of people like you. Thousands have placed their faith in Christ

in Vapor’s leagues. If you aren’t already a Vapor12 partner, prayerfully consider joining

us on mission today. A monthly commitment of just $10 helps us provide ongoing

discipleship to other children like Yohana. Become a difference maker HERE.


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