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Darkness Defeated

Mally felt hot tears racing down his face.

Saying goodbye to his brothers was shattering his young heart. So many questions, such confusion, clouded his thoughts. Mally’s mother hugged her eldest sons as they turned to leave. It was a mother’s last attempt to protect her older children and give them a future.

Back at home, life was extremely tough. Mally’s father was a devout idol worshiper who wanted his family to strictly follow him in worshipping his false gods. His father had two wives. There was Mally’s mother, who had given birth to seven boys and two girls, and his stepmother, who had one boy and one girl. There was constant conflict and enmity in the home, because Mally’s mother was able to give birth to more children than his stepmother. As a result, Mally’s stepmother tormented him, calling on the power of darkness to try to curse, bewitch, and even kill him. Mally fell ill and constantly battled a pain that felt like intense heat in his head. Finally, Mally’s mother became so desperate for him, that she sent him away to live with an aunt in a different village so that he might have a better chance of surviving.

In his aunt’s village stood a beacon of hope. A small local body of believers gathered together in a humble church building. There, in the midst of his physical, spiritual, and emotional pain, Mally met Jesus. He testifies that the power of God delivered him from the powers of darkness, healing him from the pain he had felt in his head for so long.

Through the local church, Mally was introduced to the Vapor Ministries center in his village. The local church worked hand in hand with the center. It was a place where Mally could grow in his faith, be discipled, and volunteer to help reach others who were living in darkness.

Today, Mally is married with three children of his own. He is an active member in his local church, and he coaches and disciples his own team of young people on a daily basis. He has also found employment at the Vapor Ministries center, empowering him to feed his family by the work of his own hands. Mally dreams of one day becoming a missionary with Vapor Ministries and going into hard to reach, spiritually dark places in surrounding countries, spreading the hope of Christ and His redeeming power.

It is your faithful partnership that fueled the building of the Vapor Ministries center in the village where Mally found the hope of Christ. It is your continued investment that allows Vapor Ministries to partner with and empower local churches in areas like these, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. And it is your heart for impact that will send more people like Mally into other spiritually dark and physically difficult places that are still in need of the saving power of Jesus Christ.


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