You can help alleviate poverty and multiply disciples amidst the desperate crises in Haiti.

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The Harsh Reality of Life in Haiti

Overwhelming poverty, political and economic instability, extremely poor health conditions, and an onslaught of natural disasters - all on top of a global pandemic. The July assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has added an additional layer of strife and instability throughout the country. In the aftermath of that turmoil, a devastating earthquake and tropical storm caused staggering casualties. 



There is Real Hope

The people of Haiti live daily in very challenging conditions. But you are there. Your generosity and prayers make a real difference. You are providing over 1.5 million cups of clean water every month in Haiti. You are preventing needless deaths due to starvation or minor illness. You are advancing the gospel of Jesus. There is real hope because you are there. 

Please consider a gift to our Haiti Outreach Fund to continue to bring hope where it's needed most.

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"Why Haiti, Why? This is the question going through everybody's mind in this country now. It seems like after a tragedy there is another one waiting to strike bringing more pain to a nation which cannot hold on anymore.

But we know that there is a GOD who cares. A GOD who is in control. Please help us with your prayers for the nation of Haiti."

Christian Nkulikiye,
Vapor Ministries Haiti Regional Director

From discipleship leagues and community gospel advancement to life-saving health services and clean water provision, life flows out of every outreach dollar you steward through Vapor Ministries.

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