About Us

Vapor Ministries aims to establish sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments. Want to know more?

Our Story

At Vapor Ministries, we understand that life is incredibly short, a mist that appears for only a moment on the great scale of eternity. We believe the way it can have an enduring effect is if we purposefully spend it bringing glory to the Creator of Life. At Vapor, our very name reminds us to be urgent in our pursuit of the good of man and the glory of Christ. We truly have a short time to advance the Gospel and serve the poor.

Our Team

God has brought together a unique blend of seasoned business professionals, disciple makers, organizational whizzes, professional athletes and everything between for a shared pursuit of accomplishing Vapor’s mission. We are incredibly grateful for the folks who have committed to using their time, talent, treasure and influence to advance the cause.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Vapor is very intentional to steward our time, resources and relationships in fully aligned pursuit of our mission. The mission flows out of our greater vision and leads to values that drive our behavior as an entity.

Our Centers

Vapor centers serve as a physical location for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in a manner that is as sustainable as possible. Every center shares the same mission and DNA in the midst of heartbreaking poverty and overwhelming need. The center becomes a beacon of hope for a better life now and an eternal life with the Creator and Sustainer of all things through Jesus Christ.