Vapor Ministries provides multiple opportunities for engagement with individuals interested in supporting the entity. Whether it be through volunteer opportunities at our thrift store locations, participating in a short-term overseas trip, or through financial contributions, Vapor strives to provide avenues for engagement through individuals’ preferred methods.


For those interested in engaging with the ministry via financial contributions, the most common avenue is through the Vapor12, or V12, program. Participation in the V12 program includes any individual, family, church, or business giving on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The program is simple to set up, and is designed for partners to provide consistent support on a regular basis to help mobilize people around the world for the sake of the gospel.


As a nonprofit, Vapor Ministries has two distinct donation categories, unrestricted giving and restricted giving. Unrestricted giving allows for contributions to be used at the discretion of the nonprofit, whether it be gospel outreach, poverty alleviation, funding overhead costs, etc. Restricted giving is reserved to be used in whatever context the donor prefers. If a donor has a heart for expansion into West Africa or program funding in Haiti, they can designate their donation to be used specifically to that end. See our Donate page for giving options.


Payments can be made via check, through Vapor Ministries’ iDonate portal, or via ACH withdrawal. However an individual prefers to engage, we provide a clear path for whatever level of involvement an individual seeks.


For those who cannot personally go into the environments in which we work, but still desire to see the gospel brought to the least and the lost, the V12 program allows for you to participate in the comprehensive, community transformation taking place across the globe.


For more information related to the V12 program, please contact Bethaney Roland at broland@vaporministries.org.