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Vapor Thrift Stores
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Vapor Ministries is committed to the effective stewardship of every dollar that is entrusted to our care. To further the reach not only of donated dollars but of the ministry as a whole, we have established internal business units, both domestic and international, to offset management expenses. In the US, the ministry owns and operates two thrift stores as well as a wholesale processing site.


Vapor Thrift Stores, located in the Greater Birmingham area, serve as the single-largest ‘donor' to the ministry. The stores are self-sufficient, each covering its expenses on a monthly basis, and each supplying monthly profits to the ministry in order to offset internal costs. 


Each thrift store accepts item donations from the public on a weekly basis, Monday through Saturday, and sells those donated items at a discounted rate. Each store employs approximately 25 workers, providing financial stability for those who feel called to join our teams. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the thrift stores generated $2,072,125 in revenue.


The thrift stores are a crucial component of ministry funding and reinforce our commitment to financial stewardship. In order to further ministry sustainability, Vapor Ministries’ has the vision to open an additional five thrift stores in the next 10 years. Please pray with us for the people, places, and provisions to reach this goal.

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