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Sommer L’Hoste

Vice President of Marketing

Sommer graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1999 and spent the next decade teaching, particularly drawn to schools in low-income communities. Throughout her career, she felt the call of God on her life and saw her classroom as a platform where she could provide a safe, hope-filled place for children in need. Connecting with Vapor's mission to meet needs and feed souls in areas of extreme need, she took a position in Vapor Thrift Store in 2012, being promoted to Store Manager in late 2013. Over the next 3 years, Sommer led the Greystone team through a period that saw a doubling of the store's revenue and profitability. In 2017, Sommer became the leader of the Marketing team where she gets to do what she loves most - increasing awareness of the mission and helping people make an eternal difference by partnering with Vapor Ministries.