Jennifer Ludwick

Manager of Donor Development

Jennifer graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Psychology and Communication. She joined the Peace Corps and assisted in a variety of HIV/AIDS relief in Kenya during the height of the African HIV/AIDS crisis. Thereafter she moved to Phoenix to develop transitional shelters for illegally smuggled and trafficked children before taking a position with Jimmy Carter’s foundation in Southern Sudan. She lived with the Toposa and Nyangatom tribes focusing on humanitarian services amongst the vulnerable. Upon completion of her task in the Horn of Africa, she moved to the remote island of Moloka’i to assist in cultural preservation efforts. It was here where Christ began to capture her in a powerful way leading to healing and complete surrender to God. After a period of renewal, she met her husband Eric and together they had a beautiful girl. Along this amazing journey, she was led to Vapor Ministries and now serves as a leader in the ministry.