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Local Church Partners


The work taking place on the ground at the various Vapor Ministries’ centers does not happen in a vacuum. It is both impractical and poor discipleship practice to build, operate and maintain the centers, and the vast amount of activity that takes place within them, without the help and partnership of the local communities. As a result, Vapor Ministries puts a premium on seeking partnerships with local churches.


Prior to breaking ground on a new center project, Vapor Ministries’ staff travel to prospective locations and begin to form relationships with local churches, providing information related to the ministry and the vision for that specific community. Vapor Ministries’ centers are not competing with local churches for attendance or support, but seek to form symbiotic partnerships, beneficial to each. When church activities are taking place, for example, the centers close down so as to encourage staff and community members to attend church services.


Local churches also provide a workforce pool for the centers and vice versa. Vapor Ministries believes strongly in the local church and seeks to provide opportunities for its members who align with the vision, mission, and values of the ministry. Full-time and part-time staff, as well as volunteer coaches, often come from local churches that have formed good partnerships and healthy relationships with the centers.


Within the current footprint, these relationships have been beneficial both for the centers as well as the local church bodies. As center participants and their families are discipled within the Vapor Ministries’ programs, they are encouraged to find a local church to engage with and join. As a result, attendance and engagement with local churches has grown significantly across the various communities.


Local church partnerships are not limited to simply one church per center. Vapor Ministries seeks to establish relationships with any number of like-minded churches within the local community. These partnerships are a key component to ensuring continued goodwill with locals, and provide a strategic advantage for spreading the Gospel as well as maintaining a steady and consistent workforce.

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