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Leadership Development


Vapor Ministries is committed to the holistic development of every team member entrusted to our care. All people are made in the image of God, and Scripture reinforces the innate dignity of humanity time and again. Leadership development is the natural result of this reality. We respect this inherent dignity given to all people and strive to provide an avenue for team members to develop and reach their full, God-given potential. We believe God is honored when His people are developed into a more comprehensive version of themselves.


God has also entrusted Vapor Ministries with a grand mission and vision requiring significant strides in both the capacity and capability of our team over the course of many years. Leadership development is not only a theological conviction but a practical directive. 


We approach leadership development from three distinct perspectives; professional development, spiritual formation, and personal growth. Underneath each of these areas, annual developmental goals are set by each team member with input and guidance from their direct supervisor, particularly in the professional development space. These goals are discussed, updated, and celebrated on a quarterly basis across the entity.


Included within the scope of leadership development is a weekly team development study available for every team member across the entity, as well as a weekly leadership development study for identified leaders. Both of these weekly studies are conducted through the lens of Vapor Ministries’ vision, mission, and values. 


Running alongside these weekly studies are Vapor Ministries’ Staff Development Program and Leadership Development Program. Each syllabus has a number of distinct components, all designed to help grow the capacity of each team member and help build out a shared, ministry-wide lexicon. These components are a combination of gospel-centered books as well as material on leadership and business productivity. 

The Result

People flourish. Bench depth swells. Mission is advanced. 

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