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Empowering artisans in impoverished communities

Talent is not a resource-constrained to the developed world. Those in developing countries often have tremendous raw talent in a given area but are never given the chance to hone it. Without opportunity, talent dies on the vine. Against this backdrop, the idea for Kisanii Market was born.


The mission of Kisanii Market is to empower and provide a marketplace for artisans living in extremely impoverished communities. U.S. consumers can purchase top-of-the-line, handmade products made by extremely talented artisans living in the communities surrounding our Vapor Ministries’ centers.


Often, when community members come to work for Kisanii Market, they have no formal experience in craftsmanship. They come in with recognized potential, but without the skills, nor the tools, to perform the job. This is where steady and consistent artisan training is applied, to give those working within Kisanii Market the opportunity to be successful.


Kisanii Market leans on three main strategic anchors in accomplishing its work. The first is artisan empowerment, giving artisans the skills to create a better life for themselves should they choose to open their own business and further provide for their families. 


The second is a focus on quality, handmade products. The American consumer is bombarded with products on a daily – or even hourly – basis. Thus, the products need to be quality. Kisanii Market is committed to providing high-end products, but also products that have been created by human hands. This not only ensures an authentic feel, but guarantees that every single item will be unique.


The third is a commitment to providing a marketplace to the artisans. Quality products are only as valuable as the marketplace through which to sell them, and if there is no avenue to connect consumers with artisans, the process is for naught. Thus, exists to allow for the connection between seller and buyer.


Handbags, jewelry, notebooks, coasters, and more are available for purchase through Kisanii Market.

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