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International Businesses
Kisanii Market
Wedding Venue Rentals
Commercial Water Sales
Track Sales
Fitness Center

 The spiritual mission Vapor Ministries carries is lofty, but it does not encapsulate the full scope of the work being done on the ground. We firmly believe the greatest opportunities for discipleship are borne as a result of meeting real-world needs and taking steps to alleviate dramatic, oppressive poverty. It is in this vein the International Profit Centers flow.


The International Profit Centers arm of Vapor Ministries seeks not only to offset costs associated with funding the ministry but also sets out to provide economic empowerment to those in the communities we serve and to provide resources not customarily available in those communities. The aim of the IPC department is a multi-faceted effort to both run businesses with efficiency, with careful attention paid to profit margin and revenue generation, but also to provide jobs for locals, thus providing a path toward economic stability.


Currently, Vapor Ministries operates eight international businesses spread out across the entity’s footprint. They are listed as follows.


The Kawangware center operates four distinct business ventures. The first is a commercial water distribution facility selling clean drinking water in bulk to vendors across the area. In addition, Kawangware also operates a fitness center, which provides members of the community with opportunities to participate in fitness classes and use regular gym equipment and free weights. Kawangware also provides rental opportunities in the form of three shop spaces rented and used by outside vendors, and rental opportunities in the form of field rentals for local soccer clubs.


The Gichagi center is currently home to the artisans who create the products available through Kisanii Market, providing skilled employment and job training to a host of locals. Gichagi also houses the highest elevation running track in Kenya, which is rented and used by world-class runners on a routine basis. The center’s altitude of 7,500 ft. above sea level makes the site optimal for training. This center also offers field rentals as well.


The Dilaire center is home to a lime orchard and a burgeoning banana plantation, both of which aspire to provide a sellable crop, but also to serve as a training ground for local farmers to provide teaching for those subsistence families to enhance their crop yield. Dilaire also operates multiple venue rentals which can be used for everything from weddings to government meetings. Both the Dilaire and Ouanaminthe centers offer field rentals as well.

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