Meet Hasmin

Hasmin's Story

Micah McElveen first met Hasmin on the soccer fields at Vapor’s center in Kawangware slum, which is one of the largest and fastest growing slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Hasmin’s thin frame and yellowed hair told a story of malnutrition. His ragged clothes reflected a life of extreme poverty and neglect.

One day, as Micah was playing soccer with some boys from the slum, a 20-shilling coin fell out of his pocket. Hasmin’s keen eyes spotted the shiny coin right away. He tugged at Micah’s sleeve and offered his find in his tiny, outstretched hand. For Hasmin, 20 shillings would have provided food for three days. Micah was touched by Hasmin’s honesty. He recognized the character at work in this little boy who had so little else in his life. Micah rewarded Hasmin by letting him keep the coin.

It didn’t take Micah long to learn that Hasmin had lost his father and grandmother to AIDS. To make matters worse, his mother was seriously ill from the effects of HIV and was unable to provide for her son. Hasmin’s family situation is an all too familiar circumstance of life in Kawangware. Micah determined that he could not just walk away from this child... and so was the beginning of a dear friendship. Micah found a foster home for Hasmin and enrolled him in school, both of which provided him with a safe and nurturing environment.

Hasmin’s story is just one of many children’s stories in Kawangware and other desperate areas of the world. Vapor’s child sponsorship program, now titled Hasmin’s Friends, was established because of this need.

For more information on how to become a Hasmin's Friend sponsor, email or call us at (256) 208-2060.

When Hasmin first came to the Vapor center in Kawangware slum, he was alone, malnourished and had little hope in his young life.

Hasmin and Vapor Ministries Founder & CEO, Micah McElveen, on Hasmin's first day of school. Micah's experience with Hasmin was the inspiration for Vapor's child sponsorship program.