COVID-19 Bridge Fund

During this uncertain time, one thing is certain - God is in control. And His mandate for us to care for the poor and bring the gospel to the lost does not end when times get hard. In fact, this global health crisis makes our mandate even more urgent and we thank God for our solidarity with you in this.  

We want you to know that we are resolved to continue core humanitarian services and gospel proclamation efforts through our centers. Clean water must flow. People suffering from illness or injury must have access to medical treatment and Critical Care Grants. Food must be provided to the poorest of the poor children in our programs. The hope of Jesus must be shared.


However, we are on the cusp of a major human crisis in the slums where we operate. Unlike people in developed countries, most people in the slums live without running water, electricity and are trying to survive on less than $1.25 a day. Survival dictates they leave their homes daily to collect water and food. Staying home to avoid possible disease means certain death from starvation and dehydration. So while we will endeavor to continue essential outreach, the crisis calls for us to expand services in 3 ways:


  • Health/Medical Services: In addition to the life saving medical care we already provide to combat widespread needless death due to treatable local disease, we need to increase Critical Care Grant access to help people affected by COVID-19. We are also adding coronavirus prevention training and broadening the scope and distribution of our disease prevention, detection, avoidance, and early treatment training.

  • Water: In addition to sustaining water distribution at each center, to people walking up to 5 miles for daily water use, we want to open more water access points at centers and contract water trucks to deliver water deeper in the slums in a way that allows accessibility while promoting social distancing.

  • Food: With schools closing, children are losing access to their most reliable meal. We want to provide sack meals to children in the most critical situations, expand existing feeding services, and initiate select delivery for our communities.


We can’t do this without partners. We are therefore seeking to raise $700,000 in this 3-month bridge package, which will allow us to provide the above services and sustain core international ministry operations, while we work hard to stabilize and activate the more sustainable parts of our economic engine.  Will you prayerfully consider a contribution to our COVID-19 Bridge Fund? 

Founder & CEO, Micah McElveen,

COO & CFO, Conor Gallagher,

Board Chairman, Kenneth Polk

*Contributions raised in excess of fund will be released to international ministry advancement.

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