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COVID-19 Bridge Fund

By God’s grace and the generosity of amazing donors, we have been able to not only sustain core humanitarian services (clean water, critical care grants, food provision, and much more) and gospel proclamation efforts through our centers but also respond quickly to the humanitarian crisis spawned by the pandemic. From health screenings and medical treatments to food and water delivery, all while sharing the gospel, our teams are reaching deeper into the communities we serve every day making sure that the unseen do not become the forgotten.

All funds given provide “bridge support” that allows us to meet critical needs today while ensuring that we, together, can meet needs, feed souls, and elevate God for years to come.

Donate today and double your impact through:


  • Health/Medical Services: In addition to the life saving medical care we already provide on your behalf, we are increasing Critical Care Grant access to help people affected by COVID-19. We are also adding coronavirus prevention training as a service to our communities.

  • Water: In addition to the sustaining water distribution you make possible at each center, we are opening more water access points at centers and contracting water trucks to deliver water deeper in the slums in a way that allows accessibility while promoting social distancing.


  • Food: With schools closed, children have lost access to their most reliable meal. Your support is providing sack meals to children in the most critical situations, expanding existing feeding services, and providing food delivery to the most needy in our communities.

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