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Clean Water


Access to clean drinking water is a luxury often taken for granted in the developed world to the point it feels akin to a birthright. This is not the case in third-world environments, where individuals can spend more than four hours per day collecting enough water for basic functions like cooking and cleaning. When communities are given access to clean water it has an immediate, dramatic effect on the local environment, both from a health and economic standpoint.


Granting access to clean drinking water fits hand-in-glove with Vapor Ministries’ vision to meet needs and feed souls. Building water storage towers and drilling wells deep underground allows communities access to clean water, which in turn allows local staff to teach them about the only source of Living Water.


The majority of the communities Vapor Ministries’ ventures into have shallow water wells, meaning wells which only tap into the first aquifer below the Earth’s surface. This level of water is very easily contaminated and is not ideal for human consumption. Vapor Ministries’ works with local, commercial drillers to drill below this first aquifer, through the second layer of the Earth’s crust to tap into the second aquifer. The average time it takes for water to reach this second aquifer from the Earth’s surface is approximately 100 years. By the time water has traveled to this depth, the vast majority of the impurities have been stripped away, leaving water safe for consumption.


Reaching this second aquifer is a combination of art and science. In certain locations, this water may be accessed only 70 feet below the Earth’s surface. In other locations it might be located 700 feet beneath the Earth, depending on how thick the second layer of Earth is in a given location.


Once the well has been drilled, water towers are constructed at each center to utilize the gravity feed for drinking and sanitation. Each center has a water distribution area, which is the space reserved for community members to access their daily water needs.


Providing clean drinking water for the communities in which we serve is a cornerstone activity at every Vapor Ministries’ center as we seek to carry out our mission.

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