Vapor Ministries serves as a resource for local church partners to mobilize their people to places that they likely cannot physically go, in order to holistically impact the poorest places on the planet. We believe churches are the primary ministry output in all communities, and Vapor Ministries seeks to be a conduit for this work, connecting local churches with opportunities for ministry across the globe in a variety of ways.


Often, local churches will partner with Vapor Ministries on a project basis, providing resources to erect needed buildings or specific endeavors the ministry is undertaking. Other church partners support the comprehensive efforts of the ministry on a monthly, recurring basis.


We offer the opportunity for short-term trips for churches to visit our international centers and see the work being done, which allows for a fresh vision of what the Lord is doing. We also commit to biannual reporting of our church partners' social, spiritual, and economic impact on the mission field.


For more information on opportunities for your church to partner with Vapor Ministries, please email Bethaney Roland at