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Togo is a French-speaking country, located on the south coast of West Africa. According to UNICEF, the estimated per-capita income is $440 per year, with 39 percent of the population attempting to survive on less than $1.25 per day. On a survey trip to Togo, Vapor's President & CEO, Micah McElveen, witnessed desperate spiritual and physical needs first hand. He could not ignore the precious children who were suffering from severe malnutrition, or the men and women who sought acceptance through rituals and sacrifice to false gods. 

The people there loved soccer and the city elders begged Micah to come in and build a Vapor center in their community. The need was obvious, and God was clearly opening the door.

In 2011, Vapor’s third center was established in Togo in a city that is home to approximately 10,000 residents. Central to the life of many residents in this community is the traditional practice of Voodoo and animism. Scattered throughout the city are statues and altars where sacrifices and homage are exchanged for the hope of security and provision from little “g” gods. Nearby, Voodoo priests are trained and commissioned in an area considered sacred by Voodoo practitioners. 

Togo’s passion for soccer is intense, allowing Vapor Ministries to utilize this local sport of choice to introduce people to the gospel and to make disciples. Vapor’s center in Togo enrolled 1,306 young people into its life-on-life discipleship leagues during the first two weeks of operation! 

At the center, the children who participate in the leagues receive disease-prevention training, basic medical assistance and other forms of humanitarian aid. The poorest children at the center receive their education and support through Hasmin’s Friends, Vapor’s child sponsorship program. 

Our primary faith partner in this community is a local Baptist church, led by a passionate Christ-follower and Togolese native. Vapor Ministires works alongside this body of believers to alleviate poverty and multiply disciples. We are thankful for the amazing ways the Lord is using this center and the local body to raise up disciples of Christ and care for the poor.

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