Accountability - How is your money and information protected?

Donation & Information Security

We treat the security of your information with the utmost care. When you donate online, our website uses the https security protocol to protect your entry, and your donation information is encrypted and processed through a secure gateway powered by iDonate.

If you donate via physical check, your check is delivered to a secure office at our Headquarters, deposited to our financial institution remotely via a secure Quick Deposit tool, and then destroyed.

Your contact information is stored securely in our protected system. We do not share your information with anyone. Vapor Ministries maintains a secure database of contact information, contribution history, interaction history, and other information to allow us to best serve our donors, but none of this information is ever shared outside the organization. For more information on how we protect your data, please feel free to contact us at

Financial Controls

We have an extensive financial controls policy which governs how funds are budgeted and spent.

Each year, our team builds a line-item budget for the entire entity that is vetted, reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors in a December board meeting.

The distribution of funds is managed carefully by our CFO and our Executive Team. Various team members and managers throughout Vapor Ministries' system have pre-set spending approval limits, based on their role and based on the current financial position of the organization.

Each month, our CFO reviews actual expenses against the budgeted amount with various functional area managers.

Our CFO works annually with our CPA to prepare our IRS Form 990 tax return, required annually of all 501(c)3 organizations.